For years I had planned a longer adventure out in the world. Since childhood I’ve had this curiosity to see nature’s wonders and different cultures. In my youth I used to be so mesmerized by different nature TV shows, like Jacques-Yves Cousteau travels and David Attenborough’s documents. Later in life I developed a new interest in documents and TV series about cultures and adventures. I slowly started to form my own dream of traveling the world and experiencing the wonders of the world and different cultures. Then the pandemic happened and I was afraid, that because of Covid-19, my dream might remain just a dream. In 2021 I bought a regular van and made a camper van out of it. My intention at first was just to go around Finland because of the pandemic but when I finished the project in fall 2022, the world’s situation started to get better and there were many opportunities for me to seize again. That’s when I decided to make my dream come true. I started preparing for my trip in winter 2022. I had to look into the destinations and decide what to sell in order to get money and carry out this once in a lifetime adventure.

Welcome aboard!


I converted a 2014 Daily Iveco  truck to campervan.

~Full conversion story~

From a dream to reality; exploring the sights of the world and getting to know different cultures.

~Adventures, dreams, experiences~

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